About the TRUST Lab.

The Trustworthy Data Engineering Lab is directed by Dr. Eric William Davis, and conducts research on new methods, algorithms, data structures, and next-generation infrastructures for trustworthy computing system, with a specialization in the topics of Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Privacy. These systems have high requirements for performance, reliability, fault-tolerance, storage efficiency and security, and are utilized by numerous domains.

The TRUST Lab focuses on solving real-world applications in the fields of big data, cloud computing, biomedical computation, and other related areas. A unique attribute of our laboratory is our emphasis on these real-world problems and applications. We believe our research has the most impact for trusted infrastructure development when we combine strong fundamentals from our discipline with direct ties to industrial partners. We have been collaborating on trusted solutions with numerous companies and federal agencies, such as the World Bank, IBM, the NSF, the Chicago Department of Public Health, NASA, Fortinet, VMware, the Illinois State Geological Survey, the Illinois Natural History Survey, and many others.

Our research impacts the real world through the development of engineering modeling and design tools, the development of next-generation infrastructures, and important protocols, and analysis tools for evaluating compliance, reliability, availability, performance and security.

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