Our research

The Trustworthy Data Engineering Laboratory (TRUST Lab) has focused on solving core challenges relating to privacy, integrity, analysis, and the design of system infrastructure for data.

Data systems, and the automated reasoning and machine learning algorithms used to understand data, form the core of some of the most exciting advancements in the 21st century. With the rise of automation, the Internet of Things, and other data-driven science and technology sectors Data Science and Data Engineering have become essential to the functioning of our infrastructure, society, and economy. These systems must be engineered to be safe, reliable, dependable, performable, and secure, even though these goals are sometimes contradictory.

By providing unified methods to validate these criteria during the entire design and deployment process the lab develops and applies sound theoretical scientific and engineering principles to enable trustworthy next-generation systems for Data Science and Data Engineering. The TRUST Lab has helped engineer new technologies and solutions with industrial, governmental, and research laboratory collaborators including: The Chicago Department of Public Health, the City of Cincinnati, the Environmental Protection Agency, Fortinet Inc., IBM, NASA, The World Bank Group, and many others. Our research has resulted in numerous papers, patents, and productized technologies deployed by our commercial partners.

Our current research is generously supported by grants from the following organizations.