ARC Project

The Global Information Sharing Mechanism on Debarment and other Administrative Remedies against Corruption (ARC) Project is a collaborative effort between the Trustworth Data Engineering Laboratory, the Integrity Vice Presidency of The World Bank, and other international partners to develop a global information platform on exclusion, debarment and other administrative remedies, support information sharing and use of administrative remedies among national and international authorities, and designate international standards on data and information sharing based on the results of the Global Anti-Corruption Summit.

The TRUST Lab is helping to develop polymorphic, intelligent, data-objects which are adaptive to the broad needs and capabilities of multi-lateral development agencies, nations, and non-governmental organizations, and enable data about exclusions, debarment, and sanctions to be shared freely and with integrity.

Project Details

TRUST Participation: April, 2017 - present

Partners: The World Bank Group

Categories: Data, Privacy, Explainability, HCI